After 87 adventurous days and altogether 4.211 Kilometers on the bike, my tour from my hometown Cologne to the Black Sea as a call for donations for Habitat for Humanity has come to an end.

Yesterday I arrived at Constanta – the big seaport at Romanian´s Coast of the Black Sea – after having cycled along the Rhine and the Danube through Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.

I met wonderful and generous people, saw beautiful landscapes, swam in different stretch of waters, viewed the Great Bear from different angles and last but not least realized how far the pure will can take you…


Seaside promenade in Constanta


Numbers don´t lie 😉

I made it - Yippee!

I made it – Yippee!


The last stages were fabulous: Romania is a beautiful country which offers a lot variety in every kind of sense. The landscape is very diversified due to the Carpathian mountains, the Black Sea with the unique delta of the Danube and the myriad of forests that cover 27 % of the Romanian territory. That makes the country pretty green!

Orthodox Church in Turnu Magurele

Orthodox church Sf. Haralambie in Turnu Magurele


Romania – A country full of contrasts


Romanian hillside

Decebal´s face sculptured in stone

The face of Decebal – a former Emperor of a part of today´s Romania – sculptured in stone


Just following the sun…


For a few days, I also crossed Bulgaria – a country that is mostly off the radar of many people´s mind. It reminded me pretty much of Romania in terms of landscape – also lots of nice ups and downs along the road – and people. In Vidin, a city in the north-west of the country, I stayed for a night in the Gypsy district and was amazed by their sociability and hospitality.

Check out the street in the middle ...

Bulgarian´s Ups and Downs…

Welcoming Bulgaria

Welcoming in Bulgaria

Flying Cars in Bulgaria

Flying Cars in Bulgaria

Bordercrossing to Romania by boat

Bordercrossing in Orjahovo back to Romania by boat


Back in Romania, in Manastirea, a small village, I experienced another nice home-stay experience. A warm-hearted family offered me shelter for 3 days at a time when it was just rainy and stormy outside. We happily celebrated the comeback of the good weather with a decent guitar session in their courtyard 😉

Romanian Guitar Hero

Romanian Guitar Hero

Familie Perca und meine Wenigkeit



At the very end of my trip, I again cycled along a beautiful part of the Danube biking trek – the vineyards of the area of Constanta. Amazing views compensate for the efforts biking up the hilly roads. What a great finish!


Vineyards close to Constanta

Bikeway to heaven

Bikeway to heaven


Jolly Jumper is watching you


Keep going buddy


Finally, I would like to say THANK YOU to everybody who supported me during the last 12 weeks. I am still blown away by the broad support: YOU ARE AMAZING!

And I want to end up with a quote of Mr. Bruce Poon Tip, the founder of G-Adventures, a worldwide operating adventure travel company, that perfectly summarizes my motivation of doing that trip:

„Travel gives us an appreciation or awareness of ourselves, which goes hand in hand with being able to appreciate others. How can we ever understand what we are and where we belong in the universe if we haven´t experienced anything outside of our own nation, culture, or history? Travel opens us up to accepting the ways other people live, as well creating compassion and tolerance – which is what the world needs now.“


So, now let´s get ready for the actual house building project in Nepal

– stay tuned & stay human!


6 Gedanken zu “Mission accomplished

    • Hey JK,
      danke Dir!
      Aktuell warte ich auf weitere Informationen von Habitat International, wie es mit dem Projekt weitergeht. Und zur gleichen Zeit sichte auch alternative Förderprojekte in Nepal…Sobald etwas spruchreif ist, werde ich es alle wissen lassen.
      Liebe Grüße zurück!

      Gefällt mir

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